Hope in Mystery

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Author: Chara Donahue Guest Posting for Circling the Story

Wandering Through Mystery

"I love to learn. The process of asking questions and finding answers exhilarates me. This year I have been hitting the books yet again. My certification in Biblical Counseling is a couple papers and one test away. As I have gained hours and experience walking with others through deep waters, daily happenings, and tragic tales, one lesson has been louder than all the others — cease trying to figure it ALL out.
I cannot explain why people do the things they do; I will not understand how people cross certain lines; I struggle with why God allows it.
The mysteries of life have become common place for me. They are present in my story and the stories of all. I have come to grips with the idea that on this side of heaven I will not have all the answers. There will always be mystery. I have stopped fighting that and have found precious, sacred space in which to wander..."
please join me for the rest over at Circling the Story. I am honored to have my words visiting Ashley Hales today.


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