Hope for the Gutsy Girl

Author: Chara Donahue

Years ago, I attended a ministry boot camp with Darrin Patrick as the keynote speaker. He shared a personal prayer he often prayed with his son. I did not have a son at the time, but the power of it struck me. I stored it away in the pathways of the brain, just in case. When the Lord did bless us with a son, I pulled it up, painted it on various things, and now I pray it with him nightly:

“God, make him a man with thick skin and a soft heart.  Make him a man who is tough and tender.  Make him tough so he can handle life.  Make him tender so he can love people. God, make him a man.”

I have long wanted to write something comparable for my girls. I finally did. I've toyed around with different versions and prayed them over my little women. They tell me this is the one they love:

“Jesus, I ask you to make my girl gutsy and gentle.
Gutsy, so she can bring justice to a fallen world.
Gentle, so she can give mercy to the fallen.
Gutsy, because she knows you have her back.
Gentle, because she knows you have her heart.
Gutsy, to stand against what the world tells her she needs to be, and
Gentle, so she can be at peace with who you say she is.
Lord, make my girl gutsy and gentle, so that she can be before all things godly.”


  1. Replies
    1. Well, being a gutsy and gentle girl yourself, I am glad you do. ;)

  2. Thank you :) I love the last lines about identity-Being able to stand against the identity the world says we must be and able to rest in who God says we are. So good!

    1. I am glad you like it. That is especially important for your girly at the age she is at. :)


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