Hope at the Penitentiary

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Author: Chara Donahue
Out of all the invitations you receive in life, a handful entice with the potential for redemption; sometimes these requests show up in the form of a Facebook event. To truly taste these sweetened moments – the call for obedience must be heeded, or in other words, “Going” clicked. The opportunity to attend the Faith and Culture Writers Connection Prison Outreach Essay Presentation seemed to have these hints of the holy lingering in the background. I decided to explore by taking the first step, securing childcare.
I talked to my husband about the possibility of attending the event at the men’s high-security penitentiary, and after he said things like, “Let me pray about it. Are you sure this is safe?” I responded “Jesus said ‘I was in prison and you came to me.'” Then we agreed that he would watch our brood of four while I attended the event, words in hand.
Words that I had been pondering, polishing, and praying would speak to hearts.


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