Hope on the Internet

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Chara is over at like-minded PRECARIOSITIES today as a guest writer discussing the heart behind internet ministry.

The storm was raging when I felt the tug of an anchor I had long been drifting away from. I have always been a dreamer, pulled to passion, and willing to dive into deep waters —to my own detriment. When I was younger I had yet to learn the beauty of dreams , passion, and wonder, submitted and thriving under the protection of the greatest love ever known.

Instead I chased worth and love as feeling instead of fact. Then I discovered the treasure, that in Christ those two things are forged together in the embers of His own glorious passion to create the key to freedom, healing, and everlasting hope. None of it rests on me; He carries it all. He gives me worth. He is love and I am His.

The things I had desperately longed for and foolishly sought elsewhere were there in the arms of my Jesus. They had always been available, they were mine the moment I was His, but I had settled for less, given into instant gratification, and held tightly to things of which I knew it was wiser to let go. Yet, in all the drama, chaos, and darkness of the world there was an ever-present undercurrent beacon of light and life, from the God incarnate, as sympathizer and rescuer. I would hear it whispering in the wind :



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