Hope for The New Beginning


Author: Chara Donahue

The Narrow Gate

I change the way I once did live, I turn
around. To love, to give, a life of gold
transcend, now shift, let truth prevail. Behold
a life today unveiled.  Anew, I yearn
to shine.  To blind the world, by light reborn.
I broke to joy that fought with might.  So life
I found, that bleak, vast night.  Fair tears of strife
I leave behind. My plight now starts untorn.

Unique and made for God alone. I cry
my path by grace be shown.  Forgive
the lust, the lies, the sick mistakes I made.
I gaze upon the cross; my debt is paid.
In awe I bring a sacrifice. To live
I leave behind my vice.  The flesh can die.

Readers, Every once and awhile we love to share some poetry with you. This Italian Sonnet was written to express the new life found in letting the flesh and its destructive tendencies die. How have you seen this scriptural truth play out in your own life?


  1. I've enjoyed reading this -- and pondering the structure. Thank you!

  2. Sonnets are hard to write. Good job!

  3. This is really beautiful, Chara! I love it. Blessings to you!


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