We want to hear from you: to hear the voices of other women; to hear how God helped you through a struggle; breathed life through His Word; and helps you today as you walk through daily life.  Young, old, out in the workforce, at home with kids, single, or married, every age and stage of life is welcome to the table. 

What has our Jesus given you to say? Your message may be the help that lightens the load of others who are fighting off chains, weights, and shackles of worry, despair, and sorrow. If you have a blog post, poem, artwork, a picture, etc. which can point us all to the Lord who anchors the soul, please consider sharing it here, so that we may encourage each other’s hearts.
Written submissions should be between 400-800 words. Your submission can be a repost from your personal blog, but not a published work for which another site or publisher holds the rights. We will make sure to put your site at the bottom of the post so that people will know where they can hear more of your anchored voice.

Send your submissions to by the 15th of the month previous to the theme you are writing on. For example, if you are writing for March's theme send in your submission by February 15th.

We will not be able to post all submissions, but please be brave. Share with us what Christ has done in your life, so that more would be helped by finding hope in Him. If your submission is accepted we may make some proofreading edits (if needed), but will make sure to preserve your voice. If you have not heard back from us within two weeks feel free to share your words elsewhere. All posts on this blog have a header relating to hope, but we will include your title as well. 

Thank you for considering sharing your voice, 

Chara Donahue

Founder & Editor


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