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Business athlete Eric Spofford has carved out an exceptional path, from conquering addiction to growing his business empire and real estate portfolio to a $115 million exit. Now he’s bringing that wisdom to others with his new training program.

It’s called Cash Flow is King Training. He also shares insights on his Instagram and TikTok channels. Contact Eric Spofford Review now!

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As an entrepreneur, author and real estate investor, Spofford is well-known for his success in the business world. He’s also been criticized for his personal life, especially his treatment of women. He’s been accused of sexual misconduct, sexism and racism, and he’s faced lawsuits from women who claim he mistreated them at his business GRC.

Despite the scandals, Spofford has managed to overcome adversity and create a successful empire. His story is an inspiration for anyone looking to make it in the business world. He dropped out of high school and was entangled in drug addiction before finding recovery. He started the first sober living house in New Hampshire and built it into Granite Recovery Center, which is now the largest rehab facility on the East Coast. He then launched a real estate business and has built a portfolio of over 8 figures worth of investments.

Spofford also has a coaching program called “Cash Flow is King,” which provides students with the tools and strategies to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. The course includes training on a variety of topics, including Section 8 investment properties, as well as how to find and negotiate deals with landlords. It’s a comprehensive course that can help anyone become financially independent.

Many people are afraid to speak out against Spofford because they fear retaliation, including ruining their reputations, getting fired from their jobs and having to fight legal battles they can’t afford. Some have even reported that they were coerced into signing sex and harassment waivers. In one case, an employee who worked at GRC says she was harassed by Spofford, including receiving Snapchat messages and being offered a condom from his desk drawer. She claims she was also told to lie in her interview and didn’t receive the raise she wanted.

Spofford denied all allegations of sex harassment and said the lawsuit was “politically motivated.” However, a judge has ruled that he can’t use his position as an inspirational speaker and coach to retaliate against those who speak out about him. NHPR is covering this case and will continue to hold him accountable. To support our journalism and other investigations into people in power, please consider donating to NHPR.

What is Eric Spofford’s business model?

Eric Spofford has built a multi-million-dollar business empire that impacts the lives of many people. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and coach who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. He believes that success is not about money or material possessions, but about finding purpose and helping others. In today’s episode, he discusses his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and shares his advice for achieving true wealth.

Eric’s business model is centered on entrepreneurial investments in a variety of industries, including real estate and healthcare. He is a recognized leader in his field, having testified before the United States Senate and being awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration. In addition to his commercial and multifamily real estate portfolio, he also manages a private equity fund and operates a behavioral healthcare business.

His odyssey into entrepreneurship began when he was just 15 years old and found himself ensnared in drug addiction. His saga of battling addiction eventually culminated in him dropping out of high school and engaging in criminal activities to support his habit. After regaining his sobriety, he took the initiative to start a rehab center at the age of 23, which eventually grew into one of the largest recovery treatment organizations in New Hampshire.

Throughout his journey, Spofford has had a number of mentors who have helped him navigate his challenges and business intricacies. He credits his father, who instilled entrepreneurship principles in him at an early age, as well as a number of other seasoned advisors who have provided guidance and direction in both his personal and professional life. He emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance in both business and personal endeavors and focuses on having clear goals and a vision for legacy building.

The lessons Spofford has learned through his harrowing experiences serve as a powerful reminder that achieving success requires more than fleeting ambition. It demands grit forged through adversity, relentless determination, and consistent discipline towards goal attainment. As he moves into this new chapter in his life, Spofford is determined to make an even greater impact by mentoring and coaching other entrepreneurs and business athletes.

What is Eric Spofford’s philosophy?

As a former drug addict and reformed criminal, Eric Spofford believes deeply in second chances. This belief has helped him overcome the numerous challenges that life throws his way and become a thriving businessman. He is now using his knowledge to help others achieve financial independence through real estate investing. His new program, Cash Flow is King Training, offers a step-by-step guide to success in the world of real estate investing.

Spofford’s journey began with his personal battle against addiction and prostitution, but his perseverance paid off as he successfully steered Granite Recovery Centers (GRC) toward becoming one of the largest substance abuse treatment businesses in the United States. He recently sold GRC for an undisclosed amount, a strategic move that reflects his passion for change and commitment to growth.

The sale of GRC has allowed Spofford to focus on his entrepreneurial ventures, including a robust portfolio of multi-family and commercial Section 8 properties. He has also expanded his reach into the luxury market with the launch of Bonus Round Charters, a Miami-based yacht chartering company. His diversified investment strategies and tireless work ethic have made him a force to be reckoned with in the business arena.

But despite his impressive business acumen, Spofford is more concerned with the impact he has on the world around him than his own wealth and status. He is a dedicated philanthropist and spends much of his time helping the less fortunate in society. He has even appeared before the Senate on the subject of addiction, underscoring his deep commitment to societal healing.

In 2019, Spofford published a book with Piers Kaniuka, entitled “Real People Real Recovery.” The book recounts the story of his troubled youth and how he used alcohol and drugs to escape from his painful past. However, the book was marred by sexual misconduct allegations, which Spofford vehemently denies.

Spofford has now filed a lawsuit against NHPR over the article, claiming that the public broadcaster used a series of metatags to skewer his reputation with “Robespierre-like arbitrariness.” His attorneys claim that he is being targeted for his philanthropic efforts and because he has spoken out about his struggles with addiction and incarceration.

What is Eric Spofford’s training program?

Eric Spofford’s journey from the grips of addiction to real estate success is a remarkable story of transformation and resilience. His story is not only a testament to his own success, but also demonstrates his commitment to paying it forward and helping others achieve financial independence through real estate investing. His new training program, Cash Flow is King Training, offers aspiring entrepreneurs the tools they need to successfully navigate the world of real estate investing, particularly Section 8 housing.

As a successful entrepreneur, Spofford has built a robust real estate portfolio valued at an estimated $115 million. He has a long history of working with underserved populations and has been recognized for his innovation in the field of drug recovery. His dedication to societal healing and community empowerment is a driving force behind his business endeavors.

In his quest for sobriety, Spofford founded the Granite House addiction treatment center in New Hampshire, which eventually grew into the Granite Recovery Centers network of rehabilitation facilities. The centers offer addiction treatment, education, and job skills training for people struggling with substance abuse.

However, many of the women who have worked with Spofford have reported abusive behavior and inappropriate conduct. Spofford has denied any wrongdoing but has faced criticism for his handling of the women who have worked with him.

Despite these allegations, Spofford has continued to champion his work with addicted and homeless people. He has spoken at events hosted by government agencies and has praised the role of his company in combatting the opioid epidemic. In addition to his advocacy efforts, Spofford has established himself as a thought leader in the world of commercial real estate investment. His investment portfolio spans various sectors, including multi-family homes and healthcare real estate. His interest in Section 8 housing demonstrates his ability to see opportunities in undervalued markets.

Throughout his career, Spofford has been a tireless advocate for the power of personal transformation and the ability of individuals to overcome their struggles. His commitment to fostering the success of others has led him to create his new training program, Cash Flow is King. The program teaches participants how to leverage social media and build their own real estate empire, with a specific focus on Section 8 housing.